Opening hours - 24 hours
Euro Petrol petrol stations will be open for you at any time of the day or night and our staff will be there for you.
Euro Petrol Club Card
Become a member Euro Petrol Club and buy fuel cheaper up to 7 dinars per liter.
While you dispense fuel you can check what’s new on the global network. Our connections are fast, and you can inquire with our staff about the connecting availability.
Automatic car washing
Certain Euro Petrol petrol stations are equipped with modern automatic car wash facilities. We use the highest quality products for washing and waxing.
Non-contact washing
Washing without sponges and brushes. Euro Petrol self-service washing facilities operate as follows: without contact they remove even the toughest dirt.
Self-service vacuuming
Each car needs to be cleaned from the inside: our vacuum cleaners ensure that your car is neat and representative.
Tire pressure control
Appropriate tire pressure is more important than people usually think. Safety in braking is the first thing that depends on the pressure in the tires.
Lion Shop
Our Lion shops are equipped with the wide range of products, from the smallest supplies to auto cosmetics. Something for everyone.
Spend unforgettable moments in harmony with the unique taste of local cuisine and comfortable atmosphere of our restaurants.
Treat yourself to a short break from the road and enjoy a coffee with your friends or by yourself in a pleasant environment.
Coffee to go
Concentrate on the driving better with a coffee to go.
As part of our service, stations can safely exchange foreign currency in authorized exchange offices.
Card payment
We accept all major cards, so you will not need cash at our petrol stations.